Homeward Bound

Widnes is a small town situated in the North West of England, it lies in the urban spread between Manchester and Liverpool, the Rugby League belt of St Helens, Runcorn and Warrington, joined together by industrial estates and Barratts homes. Each town has its own fierce pride, its own accent, its own rules, its own stubborn independence.

Pumping huge clouds of steam, the giant eight towers of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station loom over Widnes, an iconic sight, beautiful but bleak, the images in this series are synonymous to the very nature of the small town, a continuous reference to the back and fourth of new growth and constrained sameness, as if defying the inevitable swallowing up by the North West big city megapolis.

“Time stands still in Wrigley’s ode to Widnes: a town that is, was, and will go on to be. The way a stream cuts into the earth around obstructions, the unmoving town both welcomes change, and stands in testament against it. Quiet images attest to a slower way of life, to a lingering industrial culture on which strong communities were built upon. Steam billows up from stacks, the backdrop to suburban landscapes and land waiting for development; boys peer from under hoodies and under cigarette lined streets; the lady at the local cafe grins with heartfelt sincerity.

There is an all-encompassing sense of history and community felt throughout this quiet, humble pean to where you are from. The poetic inflexions of Northern England’s deep rooted narrative are keenly felt in images that echo of pride, and of that instinctively familiar sense of home.”

– PYLOT Magazine

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